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This is the discussion page for people who cannot communicate or who are not fluent in Malagasy language.

Inauguration[hanova ny fango]

Alors, pour inaugurer dignement le bistro malgache, j'offre une tournée générale : rano pour tout le monde :)
-- AlNo (resaho) 20 Oktobra 2008 à 14:42 (UTC)


I don't speak malgache (if I'm correct), but in english or in simple french I can come a long way. Carsrac 20 Oktobra 2008 à 16:23 (UTC)

So you're welcome, as everyone helping a bit here :)
-- AlNo (resaho) 20 Oktobra 2008 à 16:35 (UTC)

Manahoana hianao:

American aho, kanefa nipetraka sy niasa tany Madagasikara aho. Izany hoe, mahaihay amin'ny teny-Gasy aho, are mety mandikateny amin'ny Wikipedia raha ilaina.


Manao ahoana! Allemand aho dia za koa nipetraka tany Madagasikara dia mahay kely ny teny gasy. Misy namako gasy koa dia mety manao fanamarinana izy ireo. Afaka manampy anareo aho! Mahay ny teny anglisy sy frantsay (sy allemand :) )koa aho!

-- YanniK. (resaho) 23. Septembra 2011 amin'ny 20:50 ora (Alameina)

{{Daty}}[hanova ny fango]

Ce modèle est à (re)concevoir sur cette wikipedia. La copie du modèle en français génère un peu trop d'erreurs.


Jagwar 10 Novambra 2008 à 11:03 (UTC)

L'habillage de mg.wp[hanova ny fango]

Avis aux visiteurs :

Je fais une proposition pour changer le style monobook sur wikipedia. Je propose la mienne (à voir ici ).

Jagwar (hiresaka) 17 Janoary 2009 à 21:17 (UTC)

1.000 è atteint[hanova ny fango]

Tratrako androany ny 1 000 takekala teto @ wikipedia malagasy, Androany 15 Aprily 2009

La wikipédia malgache a atteint les 1 000 articles aujourd'hui 15 Aprily 2009 à 11h04 heure de Tana

Jagwar grr... 15 Aprily 2009 à 08:09 (UTC)

Je ne peux que féliciter ceux qui ont créé tous ces articles : bravo !
-- AlNo (resaho) 15 Aprily 2009 à 16:09 (UTC)

general request sent[hanova ny fango]

I made a general request to give bot flag for bot which doesn't have this flag here. --Jagwar grr... | 15 Novambra 2009 à 14:57 (UTC)

Message[hanova ny fango]


Many bots doesn't have the bot flag on mg.wikipedia. Indeed, the 48 robots that are categorized as such (which excludes the robots that have no user page), only 20 are classified as bots on wikipedia malagasy. That's why I'm requesting here, to give them an official bot flag. If you have another questions about this request, you may ask them in my home wiki --Jagwar 交談 homewiki 14:53, 15 November 2009 (UTC)

X mark.svg Not done. Your wiki allows global bots, and the bots are probably global bots doing interwiki only. If you wish to give them local flags, you should discuss it and file a request on SRB. Laaknor 16:24, 16 November 2009 (UTC)
OK, thank you! --Jagwar 交談 homewiki 17:59, 16 November 2009 (UTC)

Multilingual Challenge[hanova ny fango]

Filazana mahakasika ny fifaninanana Derby
Fiarahana miasa multilingue voalohanhy an'i Wikipedia. Mahazo mandray anjara avokoa ireo wikipedianina, manoratra amin'ny fiteny rehetra. Manomboka amin'ny 1 Mey ny fifaninanana ary mifarana amin'ny 3 Septambra. Misorata anarana !
" Wikipedia is particularly pleased to see that Derby Museums are encouraging the creation of articles in languages other than English." (Jimmy Wales, 14 January 2011)

Andrew Dalby 2 Mey 2011 à 13:15 (UTC)

Smallest chameleon[hanova ny fango]

A member of the Brookesia micra species

Scientists have recently described the now smallest species of chameleon (pictured on the right) from Madagaskar, so I would like to know whether that would be something of interest here (see ITN and DYK for similar discussions on the English Wikipedia). -- Daniel Mietchen - WiR/OS (disc.)  17 Febroary 2012 à 01:37 (UTC)

Link to this page not working[hanova ny fango]

Hi. The navigation bar on the left side lists a link "Non-malagasy speakers", which doesn't lead here but to the deleted page Dinika amin'ny Wikipedia:Bistro tsy miteny malagasy. This should be changed, I guess. Thank you. --YMS (discussion) 28 Jolay 2014 à 14:28 (UTC)

Duplicate american towns[hanova ny fango]

Manokana:UnconnectedPages lists a lot of articles like Adelanto, California, where Adelanto, Kalifornia also exists, or Abercrombie, North Dakota where Abercrombie already describes the same place. Plus there are several articles like = Ari Alves Da Anunciação listed, which are completely empty for years now. I guess you could get rid of some duplicates and leftovers when going through this list. Thank you for checking. --YMS (discussion) 28 Jolay 2014 à 14:32 (UTC)

Hi YMS, because I didn't have admin rights, I've dropped doing maintainance. But since I have it now, I've just cleaned all the things up. Thanks you for noticing, I haven't visited that special page since 2010. — Jagwargrr... mailaka 28 Jolay 2014 à 16:07 (UTC)

Wikipedians from Antsirabe[hanova ny fango]

I'm a wikipedian from Antsirabe and I would like to meet other wikipedian of my town to discuss and exchange experiences. I would like to organize a conference about wikipedia in my town. Rq: Izaho dia malagasy ary afaka manampy ihany koa amin'ny fanitsiana. I'm malagasy and I can help translating or correcting articles. Je suis malagasy et je peux aider dans les corrections d'articles au cas où.

Create an Society Infobox[hanova ny fango]

Hello everybody ! I would like to create an Infobox for an article. However, I do not now how to create one for this language. By the way I'm french ! Thanks !

--AleasterX (discussion) 25 Desambra 2014 à 07:31 (UTC)

Miarahaba anao AleasterX ary faly mandray anao ato amin'i Wikipedia amin'ny teny malagasy :). Avy any Antsirabe ny razambeko fa tsy monina any aho. Afaka mifanoratra amin'ny pejin-dresaka isika raha tia hifanakalo traikefa ianao. Mandrapihaona, --— Jagwargrr... mailaka 25 Desambra 2014 à 10:34 (UTC)

Sokajy:Pejy nomena hofafàna[hanova ny fango]


Un administrateur peut-il supprimer les catégories vides de Sokajy:Pejy nomena hofafàna ?


Vargenau (resaka) 23 Oktobra 2018 à 08:38 (UTC)

Bill Lee[hanova ny fango]

As there isn't much info available, it's unclear which "Bill Lee" of d:Special:Search/Bill Lee this may bee.

I came across it when I tried to sort the other ones.

Maybe you want to make it into a disambiguation page listing the ones where we have more data. --Jura1 (resaka) 3 Jolay 2019 à 18:24 (UTC)

Malagasy Wiktionary proposed deletion of content[hanova ny fango]

Boujour. Il y a une discussion pour supprimer beaucoup des mots de Malagasy Wiktionary ici. Si tu parle la langue nous serions reconnaisant si tu donnes votre pensées.

Hello. There is a discussion to delete most of the words on Malagasy Wiktionary here. Your input would be especially appreciated if you speak Malagasy. Zoozaz1 (resaka) 17 Septambra 2020 à 18:40 (UTC)