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What about me ?[hanova | hanova ny fango]

I am a Malagasy national, aged 27. I'm currently a software engineer who absolutely loves Python. I live in Paris, thousands of kilometres away from my ancestral lands.

How many years on Wikipedia?

I first heard about Wikipedia in 2005 and I've been writing on Wikipedia since 2008, when the Internet got available a few steps away from my living room.

How many languages spoken?

Theoretically, six. In practice, four.

Malagasy is my mother tongue. In Madagascar I was always schooled in French-speaking schools and then moved to France when I was 10. From age 10 to 15, I have never written anything serious in Malagasy. At age 15, my written proficiency in Malagasy was catastrophic. But it's healed, now. Thanks God.

I'm highly proficient in French since I live in France, but I don't consider it as a second language as I've learnt it at school. I'm also proficient in English, though I've never spend more than 10 days in an English-speaking country. I listen to and read English daily through radio podcasts and news articles. I'm less proficient in Spanish. But I can still understand most of it.

My knowledge of Esperanto is purely coincidental as I was developing Kriollatino, a language that bizarrely sounds like a mix of Italian and a heavily modded Esperanto.[1]. As of my knowledge of Japanese and Chinese, they are minimal and not even enough to understand a simple text.

Where else can you find me?[hanova | hanova ny fango]

References[hanova | hanova ny fango]

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