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Dear Wikipedia friends!

We are Slitaz community (www.slitaz.org) and we would like to introduce our GNU/Linux distribution to people in your country.

SliTaz is a free micro GNU/Linux distro using BusyBox, a Linux kernel, and GNU free software. The goal of SliTaz is to have a GNU/Linux distro working in memory (RAM). Installable to a hard disk, with good support for French language web, it offers reliability, high performance and PC recycling. SliTaz boots with Syslinux and provides more than 200 Linux commands, the LightTPD web server, SQLite database, rescue tools, IRC client, SSH client/server powered by Dropbear, X window system, JWM (Joe's Window Manager), gFTP, Geany IDE, Mozilla Firefox, Alsaplayer, Gparted, a sound file editor and much more.

The open source distribution is elegant, fast and also suitable for older, slower computers. Because we can't speak your language well we are asking you to help us with translating the web page.

The original web page was written in English and Deutsch:



Thank you.

Best wishes, David from Slovenia

ps. I was on Madagarskar 15 year ago for 2 months. I had really great time!

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